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Custom Printed
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Growing Your Business With Seed Packs

Can you think of a cooler and more environmentally friendly way to promote your business than promotional seed packs? We can't. Your clients will love receiving the gift of seed packs and will truly be impressed at how thoughtful and creative you are with your promotional efforts. Here is a summary of the most popular types of seed packs that we offer today.

Attach Your Business Card Seed Packs

Our most popular offering to date. The standard seed pack is the most affordable option if you're looking to promote with seed packs. Simply attach your business card and hand them out to your customers. There's no custom printing involved so we're able to ship these out to you quickly. If you're in a hurry to hand them out to clients, then this is the option that you'll want to consider.

Custom Printed Seed Packs

Custom printed seed packs are another popular option that eliminate the need for you to attach your own business card. Instead, we can take your very own artwork and information and imprint it directly onto the seed pack. The result is a beautifully designed display of your message that your customers will see when you hand their seed packs to them. Yes, custom printing is a little more expensive, but when you consider just the time saved by not having to attach your own business cards, not to mention the cost of your business cards, you can see right there that they are worth it.

Mailable Seed Packs with Custom Printing

We've taken custom printed seed packs to the next level by also offering you a style of seed packs that can be mailed directly as is, no envelope needed. Your customers will be delightfully surprised to see a beautifully designed seed pack with your information sitting in their mailbox. All you have to do is affix a stamp and drop them in the mail. It's that easy!