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Peel-N-Stick Magnetic 2018 Football Schedules

(You add your own Business Card to our Magnets)
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• Printed on both sides
• Product Size: 3.5" x 9"
• Product fits #10 envelope
• Mails for 1-ounce rate
Additional Information
• Production Time: 3 Business Days
• Ships in 72 hrs from East Coast
• Allow 1-5 days for UPS
• All times are local
• Backer features major sporting events
• Laminated on both sides
• Must order in increments of 100
IMPORTANT NOTE: All times printed on our sport schedules are local. Dates and times printed on all schedules are subject to change without notice. Schedules shown online may not represent actual current schedules and are intended to show color, fonts, general layout, etc. of stock schedule. Schedules will be updated as the current season approaches. Schedule dates and times are taken from official websites of each sport and are subject to change and availability of the individual professional sport scheduling system. Our stock schedules are not endorsed by any professional sporting team or organization. We do not own the rights to the official logos of any of the professional teams and that’s why the official logo is not used on any of our products. We are not responsible for any misprinted dates or times printed on our products.

Note: Envelopes can be added to your cart during the ordering process to accommodate your football schedules.
(You will see this option after you add football schedules to your cart)
Choose a Team - Magnetic Football Schedules
TO ORDER: Select the box next to a team. Then choose a quantity below and click CONTINUE

Football Schedules are scheduled to ship out in the month of June.
We wait for the official schedule to come out before printing and shipping.

Arizona Cardinals
Miami Dolphins
University of Florida
Atlanta Falcons
Minnesota Vikings
University of Georgia
Baltimore Ravens
New England Patriots
Louisiana State University
Buffalo Bills
New Orleans Saints
University of Michigan
Carolina Panthers (North Carolina)
New York Jets/Giants
University of Notre Dame
Carolina Panthers (South Carolina)
Oakland Raiders
Ohio State University
Chicago Bears
Philadelphia Eagles
University of Oklahoma
Cincinnati Bengals
Pittsburgh Steelers
Oklahoma / Oklahoma State
Cleveland Browns
Los Angeles Chargers
Penn State University
Dallas Cowboys
San Francisco 49ers
University of South Carolina
Denver Broncos
Seattle Seahawks
University of Texas
Detroit Lions
Los Angeles Rams
Alabama & Auburn
Green Bay Packers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Iowa & Iowa State
Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans
Indianapolis Colts
Washington Redskins
University of Kentucky
Jacksonville Jaguars
University of Alabama
Oregon & Oregon State
Kansas City Chiefs
Choose a Quantity - Magnetic Football Schedules
Note: Our Football Schedules don't ship until the month of June
Real Estate Calendars Has The Best Price! We Promise.
If you find a lower price on the same item elsewhere, we will meet or beat that price by up to 10%
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What is one of the single most popular and most televised professional sports in the United States today? If you guessed football, then you nailed it on the head. More people watch football today than ever before, and one thing that fans are always wondering is when the next big game is for their favorite team. Now you can help them answer that question and show off your business at the same time with the ever-popular magnetic football schedules from

Exactly what are magnetic football schedules you ask? They are an inexpensive yet effective multifunctional promotion tool that allows you to get ever so important face-time with your customers while displaying the schedule for the entire season of any team in the National Football League. The top section of the football magnet schedule is where you will find space for your business card. You can display your business card in one of two ways. You can affix your own business card to a sticky backing on the face of the schedule, or you can have your business card custom printed directly onto the front surface of the schedule. The “attach your business card” option has a lower overall order cost, but the custom printed business card option helps reduce the use of business cards.

Magnetic football schedules are perfect promotional handouts for your business because they remain highly visible to your customers throughout the entire football season, and in many cases until the next season when customers decide to replace the schedule from the previous season. The magnetic backer allows them to be attached to any appliance or furniture item with a metal surface. Things like refrigerators and file cabinets are the perfect stick-on locations for this promotional item.

If you're in the market for a great marketing tool for your business, order your magnetic football schedules today, hand them out to your customers in time for the upcoming football season, and watch your business leads increase throughout the year.