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2017 Magnetic Baseball Schedules

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All Major League Teams!

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Note: Baseball Schedules start shipping out the first week of March.
We wait for the official schedule to be posted for accurate dates and times.
Choose a Team
• Printed on both sides
• Product Size: 3.5" x 9"
• Product fits #10 envelope
• Mails for 1-ounce rate
Additional Information:
• All times are local
• Backer features major
  sporting events
• Laminated on both sides
• Must order in increments of 100
Baseball Schedules
Please check your selection
 Arizona Diamondbacks
 Milwaukee Brewers
 Atlanta Braves
 Minnesota Twins
 Baltimore Orioles
 New York Mets
 Baltimore / Washington
 New York Yankees
 Boston Red Sox
 New York Mets / Yankees
 Chicago Cubs / White Sox
 Oakland A's
 Chicago Cubs
 Oakland / San Francisco
 Chicago White Sox
 Pittsburgh Pirates
 Cincinnati Reds
 Philadelphia Phillies
 Cleveland Indians
 San Diego Padres
 Colorado Rockies
 San Francisco Giants
 Detroit Tigers
 Seattle Mariners
 Houston Astros
 St Louis Cardinals
 Kansas City Royals
 Tampa Bay Rays
 Los Angeles Angels
 Texas Rangers
 Los Angeles Dodgers
 Toronto Blue Jays
 Los Angeles Angels/Dodgers
 Washington Nationals
 Miami Marlins
IMPORTANT NOTE: All times printed on our sport schedules are local. Dates and times printed on all schedules are subject to change without notice. Schedules shown online may not represent actual current schedules and are intended to show color, fonts, general layout, etc. of stock schedule. Schedules will be updated as the current season approaches. Schedule dates and times are taken from official websites of each sport and are subject to change and availability of the individual professional sport scheduling system. Our stock schedules are not endorsed by any professional sporting team or organization. We do not own the rights to the official logos of any of the professional teams and that's why the official logo is not used on any of our products. We are not responsible for any misprinted dates or times printed on our products.
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Custom Printed
Ships in 10 business days, then allow 1 - 5 days for UPS
Min. Qty for custom printing is 200 Quantity.
Qty Reg. Price Discount
200 $374 $299 1.49
300 $399 $319 1.06
400 $405 $324 .81
500 $412 $329 .66
600 $473 $378 .63
700 $549 $439 .62
800 $605 $484 .60
900 $643 $514 .57
   other  Additional Qty
Custom Printed Schedules
Additional Information For
Custom Printed Calendar Option

• Allow approx. 48 hours for a proof.

• Price includes up to 30 minutes of art set up.

• We will email a proof for approval prior to printing.

Note: Ships out first week of March.
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Option A:
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Business Cards
Ships in 72 hours from East Coast, then allow 1 - 5 days for UPS
Qty Reg. Price Discount
100 $75 $59 .59
200 $117 $93 .47
300 $148 $118 .40
400 $187 $149 .38
500 $234 $187 .38
600 $271 $217 .37
700 $315 $252 .36
800 $358 $287 .36
900 $401 $321 .36
1,000 $418 $335 .34
1,100 $462 $369 .34
1,200 $507 $405 .34
1,300 $544 $435 .34
1,400 $583 $467 .34
1,500 $622 $497 .34
   other  Additional Qty
Attach Your Own Business Card
Note: Ships out first week of March.

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Are you looking for the perfect way to show support for your favorite baseball team while promoting your business at the same time? Magnetic Baseball Schedules are the ultimate promotional handout for any small, medium or large size business.

So what exactly is a magnetic baseball schedule and how does it work. It's a dual purpose product that displays your business card as well as the season schedule for any professional baseball team. This promotional schedule is equipped with a magnetic backing that allows it to be attached to any metal surface. Refrigerators are at the top of the list when it comes to places where the magnetic baseball schedules can be hung. Metal file cabinets, desks and other metal appliances are also great places where your customers are likely to display them.

Magnetic Baseball Schedules are very beneficial to businesses looking to promote to potential customers over an extended period of time at a minimal cost. So often you hear about how important it is to keep in constant contact with customers in order to keep your business fresh in their minds. This product helps make that happen because when your customer wants to check the date and time of their favorite baseball team's next game, they will look at the schedule you provided them and will see your business card. The Magnetic Baseball Schedule accomplishes the goal of keeping you in front of your customer throughout the entire baseball season.

The schedules that you see here can be ordered two different ways. You can order the "Attach your Business Card" style where you actually affix your business card on a sticky backing surface, or you can have your business card custom printed directly onto the schedule. Both styles have their pros and cons. The first option is less expensive because you aren't paying to have your card custom printed onto the schedule. The second option is beneficial to you in that you don't have to spend time sticking each individual card to the schedule.

However you decide to order them, Magnetic Baseball Schedules will help you hit a home run when it comes to promoting your business!

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