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Tear-Off Magnetic Calendars

Another month successfully concluded! It’s deeply satisfying to tear off a calendar page as each month passes, isn’t it? Give that sense of satisfaction to your clients – past and future – with a 2021 real estate magnetic calendar.

Select Your Real Estate Calendars

These convenient, 3.5” x 8.5” 2021 calendars are available in both 12-month and 13-month options to fit your needs and the needs of your real estate clients. The 12-month real estate calendars begin in January of 2021 and the 13-month realtor calendars begin in December of 2020.

Themes range from all-purpose designs to recipe themes and real estate themes. Choose your favorite or select one you know your clients will like.

Custom Printed Tear-Off Calendars

Give your unique design top billing on these real estate marketing calendars. Full-color and beautiful, they will leave a lasting impression.

Upload a design you already have or use our simple online design tool to create your magnetic custom printed tear-off calendars today!

Personalize Magnet Calendars With Business Cards

It's easy to personalize these economical real estate promotional items with your own business card. Just peel off the protective layer to expose the secure adhesive. Press your card in place. It's that easy and will keep your contact information visible the whole year around.

Free Envelopes – Our Gift to You!

Both options include FREE ENVELOPES to make mailing your 2021 real estate marketing calendars fast, easy and cost effective! A quick, handwritten note for a special client or a personalized letter for the hundreds of people on your farm list means this promotional item will wield massive marketing muscle.

Real Estate Promotion… Made Easy!

We help you promote your real estate practice while helping you to curtail your expenses. Our personalized tear-off calendars offer an excellent reason to do an annual mass mailing to keep your name and services in their thoughts throughout the year. Select real estate marketing calendars with a magnet on the back to make it easy for your clients to use them… on the refrigerator, on a file cabinet, or attached to any available metal surface.

Why Do These Real Estate Calendars Work So Well?

Marketing experts claim you need to touch a client 7 times before they react. With this one marketing and promotional tool, you will be touching them 13-14 times! How? Once when they receive your letter (with well-wishes for the upcoming new year) and either 12 or 13 more times as they handle the calendar to tear off the previous month and reveal the next month.

Tactile interaction helps to solidify your marketing message. Potential clients will see your business card or custom printed information on the calendar as they pick it up. Adding the involvement of a new sense – touch – helps to lock that information in as quickly as the old month is torn away.

2020 is already winding down, so don’t wait. Order your custom calendar magnets today!