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Forever MagnetsTM

These magnets will last a lifetime on your prospects refrigerators, they don�t expire.

Ships in 72 hours

Product Size: 3.5 in. x 9 in.

Printed on a 12pt Gloss Stock with a coated Lamination

Printed in full color front and back

Personalize by simply peeling off adhesive liner and applying your business card

Fits in #10 Envelope (Sold Separately)

Mails for 1 oz. rate - you only need 1 stamp

Made In The USA

Peel, Stick, Promote!

Add your business card and hand out
to all of your customers.

Step 1 - Select a Theme & Quantity
Select a quantity under each theme of your choice.
Note: (You can mix and match in 100 increments only.)
Babysitter Checklist
Babysitter Checklist
Cleaning Tips
Cleaning Tips
Emergency Numbers
Emergency Numbers
Flower Garden
Flower Garden
Kitchen Measurements - Cupboard
Kitchen Measurements - Cupboard
Kitchen Measurements - Kitchen
Kitchen Measurements - Kitchen

Step 2 - Review Your Quantity

Quantity Regular Price Discount Price Per Piece

700 $324.00 $273.00 .39
800 $356.00 $300.00 .38
900 $396.00 $334.00 .37
1,000 $433.00 $365.00 .37
   other  Select Additional Quantity
Quantity Regular Price Discount Price Per Piece

100 $71.00 $60.00 .60
200 $117.00 $99.00 .50
300 $163.00 $137.00 .46
400 $203.00 $171.00 .43
500 $236.00 $199.00 .40
600 $283.00 $239.00 .40

Forever MagnetsTM
Refrigerator Magnets for Real Estate Agents

Refrigerator magnets are an ideal way to ensure your name and logo will be seen�and remembered. How many times each day do you pass by your refrigerator? How many guests glance at your fridge in an average month? Forever Magnets� make exceptional use of this prime location, literally making you a household name.

Clever, Affordable Marketing Tool for Real Estate Agents

Even in today�s Internet-driven marketing world, you can�t overstate the value of putting your name and logo in such a prime location as a household kitchen. Our Forever Magnets are packed with handy, concise and useful references designed to draw the eye and be referred to often. Your clients and prospects will appreciate and use your promotional magnets for years to come. Useful information never expires.

Promoting Your Business With Forever Magnets

Forever Magnets� are attractive, full-color, laminated reference lists that are easy to mail to your prospects and clients. Simply attach your business card and your name will be associated with helpful, informative tips that make day-to-day life easier for the reader. This psychological connection can help you grow your real estate business by making you familiar and approachable.

Make Promotional Magnets Part of Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

If you�re like most real estate professionals, you know that getting your name out there�in print as well as on the Web�is a crucial part of your marketing plan. By encouraging people to display your business card on their refrigerator, filing cabinet or other conspicuous location, Forever Magnets help to ensure your business card won�t be lost or discarded.

While our promotional magnets are designed to be easy to mail, you�ll want to ensure you have a ready supply on hand for other marketing opportunities as well. Consider handing them out at open houses and sharing them with other industry professionals you meet, such as home inspectors, mortgage brokers and remodeling contractors.

Most Recent Customer Reviews
(Forever Magnets�)
  Love Them!
These magnets are perfect..thank you..
Published 1 week ago by Ana Larbardo
  Exactly what I needed
Exactly what I needed at a reasonable price.
Published 1 weeks ago by Lisa Sussman
nice product, my prospects love them!
Published 2 weeks ago by Steve Prunela
  wow! that was quick
Shipped on time like promised - thank you
Published 3 weeks ago by Kim deMarrais
  Your Forever Magnets rock
I need to order more...
Published 3 weeks ago by Paul Bawroski
love the design your artist created for me
Published 1 month ago by Barbara Morgan