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Econo Laminated Baseball Cards w/ Magnet Strip

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Schedules are printed with current year and current schedule.

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Product Specifications
Laminated baseball schedule cards are a sturdy and durable marketing tool that you can use to promote your message to your customers all season long.
  • 8" x 3.625" with 1" x 3" Magnet on back
  • UV Coating on front w/ Pro Baseball Schedule
  • Major Sporting Events on the Back (reverse side)
  • Free virtual proof
  • 6 days for production
Econo Laminated Baseball Cards w/ Magnet Strip
Want a unique promotional item that will make a lasting impression on your customers? The econo laminated baseball schedule cards are the perfect solution. Custom print with your information, hand out to your customers and get noticed all season long!
Note: Baseball Schedules start shipping out the first week of March.

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The Benefits Of Promoting Your
Business with Baseball Schedule Magnets

Promoting your business is not an easy thing to do, and there are many ways you can go about doing it. The question many real estate agents often have is "What is the best way to promote my business?" The truth is there is no best way to promote your business. All efforts you take to get your name out there can be beneficial if you go about them the right way. One way in particular that you can promote your business is through promotional products. Many often resort to simply handing out business cards, but they fail to realize that in many cases those business cards get lost or thrown away.

There are other more effective promotional materials that you can use to spread the word about your business. Baseball Schedule Magnets are one item in particular that can prove to be very effective in helping you get your name out there. Here's how:

Baseball Schedule Magnets Make A Lasting Impression

When attempting to promote themselves to their customers, real estate agents typically resort to simply handing out business cards or other items that will eventually fall between the cracks of furniture, get thrown out or stashed away in a drawer somewhere never to be seen again. Ultimately they fail to keep you in front of your customers and clients. Even worse, your competition might get the opportunity to get noticed by your customers and prevent you from retaining that customer's business or earning new business from new customers.

Baseball schedules on the other hand are one particular promotional product that will not fall between the cracks because they become a point of interest for your customers. Why? Because baseball schedule magnets serve a dual purpose. First, they are used to promote your business. That's the ultimate goal right? You want to get your name out there, and customizing baseball schedule magnets with your contact information is the perfect way of achieving that goal. Second, they contain the schedule of the baseball team that your customers are a fan of so they will be glancing at it periodically over the entire season to see when the next big game is. This also means that your information will be in front of your customer each time they glance at their schedule.

The baseball schedule magnets that you hand out won't get one glance and then disappear. They'll stay with your customer all season long and in most cases the entire year until it is time to replace the current schedule with a new one.

Reconnect With Your Clients Every Year

Baseball schedule magnets provide you with the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your clients year after year. This way if you're not in contact with them over the course of the year, you can present them with a new baseball schedule at the start of the next season which gives you an opportunity to refresh the relationship and possibly drum up new business. It's a win win situation for you and your customer. They get a new baseball schedule, and you get a shot at earning more business from them.

Most Recent Customer Reviews
(Econo Laminated Baseball Cards)
  Love Them!
These magnets are perfect..thank you..
Published 1 week ago by Ana Larbardo
  Exactly what I needed
Exactly what I needed at a reasonable price.
Published 1 weeks ago by Lisa Sussman
nice product, my prospects love them!
Published 2 weeks ago by Steve Prunela
  wow! that was quick
Shipped on time like promised - thank you
Published 3 weeks ago by Kim deMarrais
  Your Baseball Magnets rock
I need to order more...
Published 3 weeks ago by Paul Bawroski
love the design your artist created for me
Published 1 month ago by Barbara Morgan

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