Handheld American Flags

Our 100% cotton American flags are 4” x 6” and are made of no-fray fabric. They come attached to a 10” wooden stick that is 3/16” in diameter.

4'' x 6'' 100% Cotton Hand Held Flags for Real Estate|
  • Size: 4" x 6"
  • Material: 100% No-Fray Cotton
  • Includes: 10" - 3/16" Diameter Wooden Stick
  • Min Qty:
  • Shipping Charges Additional
  • Production Time: Days

Ways to Use Your Handheld Flags

The uses of these handheld flags are nearly limitless.

  • Use them to decorate your desk
  • Send a flower arrangement with a flag to clients after a closing
  • Offer them as a gift when you visit neighborhoods and introduce yourself.
  • Employ them as a creative way to present your business card
  • Create a wreath for your clients or yourself to display on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Flag Day or Veterans Day.

The uses of our small American flags are limited only by your imagination. Order a few (50 is the minimum order) or thousands (the more you order the more you save on each one!) today.