50-Sheet Magnetic Real Estate Notepads

  • 50-Sheet Magnetic Real Estate Notepads

    Do you need a great icebreaker for a potential new client? Our 50-sheet magnetic real estate pads are the solution you need. These thick real estate pads will keep you in their mind long after your first introduction.

    Choose from a custom printed pad with all your contact information – and a photo of you to help them remember – or you can select a magnetic notepad with a peel & stick section for your business card.

    • The custom printed resal estate pads offer a polished and ready to distribute when delivered option at an affordable price.
    • The magnetic notepad with business card is a cost effective way to enjoy do-it-yourself marketing and to take advantage of even lower prices.

    Magnetic is Better!

    Notepads are great, but they can be hard to find when you need them. What are the best kind of notepads? Magnetic! They make it easy to keep your notes where you can find them. They are particularly good for to-do lists and shopping lists because they stay up -- visible and off surfaces where they may become buried.

    Never Leave them Empty Handed

    Whether you choose a magnetic shopping list, a to-do list, or a simple lined notepad, having something to give potential clients will make you more memorable. Having your business card or custom imprinting at the top will keep you on their mind every time they see the lists, strike off or add another item. Magnetic real estate pads will help you keep something simple at the ready for any marketing opportunity! Order yours today!