Real Estate Sticky Notepads

  • Real Estate Sticky Notepads

    Everyone loves sticky notes. We use them, reuse them and live by them in our professional and personal lives. No one throws away a pad of sticky notes… we use them up! So, what better promotional item could you offer clients and potential clients than branded sticky notes?

    Our sticky notes for real estate agents have a peel & stick section at the top which makes it easy to customize them with your real estate business card. It’s fast and simple personalization.

    The Designs

    Our sticky notes for real estate come in four different designs:

    • Things to do (with lines)
    • Grocery List (with lined twin columns)
    • Notes (with a blank body)
    • Realty is my Specialty (with a house image)

    Select the design you prefer, knowing your clients will love and use them regularly. Each pad of sticky notes for real estate contains 20 sheets and are the perfect real estate promotion items!

  • How to Use Your Real Estate Sticky Notepads

    What a great way to encourage clients to take notes on houses they tour! Just hand them a pad of your personalized sticky notes before you begin showing them houses. When the day is complete, they will have notes on each showing and will have the remaining real estate sticky notes with your business card at the top!

    They are also great for closings – and will be appreciated by the lawyers, bankers and clients alike!

    Get ready for your next showing, closing, listing appointment or open house by ordering your real estate sticky notes today!