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13-Month Recipe Calendar for Buyers Agents

Tempt your clients with delicious eye-candy that will encourage them to place the calendar on their refrigerator. Achieve it with our recipe-themed calendars that show a beautiful, full-color image of a culinary treat on the front of each month-a-glance calendar page and the recipe on the back!

Real estate magnetic calendars 2024 with recipes on magnet business card calendar
  • Overall Size 3 1/2" X 6 1/4"
  • Min. Order Qty:
  • Production Time: Days
  • Free Envelopes

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Recipe realestate calendar promotional item for buyers agent realtors
  • Overall Size
  • Min. Order Qty: 200
  • Production Time: Days**
  • Free Envelopes
  • Direct Mailing Service Available

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Inside Pages

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You have image options with our recipe calendar. You can design your own in minutes using our online design tool. You can upload one of your existing marketing images. You can also create your own magnet business card calendar; just choose the “peel-n-stick” option to attach your business card .

Why Recipe Calendars for Home Buyers?

As you know, people who buy a new home are feeling pretty domestic right after the purchase. As soon as they get in the house and unpack they often try out the new kitchen. A well-timed custom magnetic calendar from you, with tempting recipes will end up on their refrigerator. It’s that easy to secure a prime placement for your real estate calendar magnets!

Refrigerator Calendar Magnets

What better place to display and use these buyers agent promotions than in the kitche on the refrigerator? There they will be seen and appreciated every day by the new homeowner, a constant reminder of your excellent service and the wonderful home buying experience.

What better way to help secure referrals to all their co-workers, family members and friends?

** After proof approval.